Hi. I'm Cec! You’ve probably seen me around delivering sweet cakes, shopping for ingredients three times a week at your nearest grocery store, or on my Instagram posts! I always like to build personal relationships with my customers every chance I get. I mean, Cakes by Cec without its customers is really just a twenty-five-year-old girl baking cakes until every square inch of her house is covered in white boxes filled with cake.

It’s because of you that Cakes by Cec is able to keep spreading sweetness all around Miami. I share every accomplishment and milestone with you. It has been surreal seeing Cakes by Cec in the center of your birthday parties, baby showers, confirmations, graduations, and dining tables. Thank you for letting me into your home. Thank you for allowing me to be a small but sweet part of your special days. 

I hope that, with you, Cakes by Cec can continue to spread sweetness to each and every single person. I have absolutely loved this sweet ride and I am looking forward to the ride ahead!